Best apps for raspberry pi 4

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Best apps for raspberry pi 4

However, for some time, users have been looking for alternatives in search of a more powerful single-board computer. Apart from that, the recent faulty Type-C design forced many users to look south. So, if you are still on a lookout, we have put together a list of 12 best Raspberry Pi 4 alternatives which are quite powerful and come with several ports.

Best Raspberry Pi 4 Alternatives Here, we have sorted the 10 best alternatives to Raspberry Pi 4 which are not only powerful but also power-efficient. Apart from that, we have kept low-pricing as our key factor before finalizing the list so that you get similar performance without breaking your bank.

Further, there is a metal heatsink at the bottom which can minimize throttling by dissipating heat. Considering all the points, Odroid N2 seems a much powerful single-board computer and it can easily replace Raspberry Pi 4. And I say this because RockPro64 enjoys similar community support and has excellent documentation for all the hardware and software SDKs. Looking at the specs on paper, the RockPro64 is definitely a powerful tiny machine. All in all, RockPro64 is among the best single-board computers and I have qualms in recommending it over the Raspberry Pi 4.

There are also many single-board computers on its website so do check those before finalizing your purchase. Apart from that, there is also WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity so that is awesome. To sum up, if you want a powerful board like Raspberry Pi 4 with all the modern features and tech then Nano Pi M4 is simply a great pick. So, given the low price, Banana Pi 4 is an excellent single-board computer and a worthy alternative to Raspberry Pi 4.

However, the best part is that it comes with 16GB onboard storage which the Raspberry Pi 4 lacks. So, if you are looking for a powerful single-board computer which can replace Raspberry Pi 4 then Asus Tinker Board S can be a great pick. Libre Renegade Libre is another open-source company which is pretty transparent about its hardware and software programs.

And for this very reason, it is a suitable alternative to Raspberry Pi 4. Given its open-source stand, Libre enjoys community support in varying degrees which is very comparable to Raspberry Pi Foundation. Coming to specs, it features a Quad-core bit 1. To sum up, Libre Renegade is an excellent choice for tinkering with Linux and Android systems and you can definitely give it a try. It comes with a Quad-Core 1. While the processor is not as powerful as Raspberry Pi 4, it can be used for low-intensive tasks like running a daemon service or a VPN server.

As I said above, if you want to run simple tasks which do not require many resources then Orange Pi PC Plus can be a decent alternative to Raspberry Pi 4. LattePanda LattePanda is a unique Raspberry Pi 4 alternative which is designed to run Windows 10 instead of open-source operating systems like Linux or Android.

The mini board is equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi so that is great. All in all, if you are looking for a Raspberry Pi 4 alternative which can run Windows natively then LattePanda is a great pick despite its few shortcomings. You can simply attach a WiFi or Bluetooth adapter and you can use radio services without any problem.

Simply put, if you want a low-configuration single-board computer, you can give BeagleBone a shot. If you are a developer and use Raspberry Pi 4 for testing AI applications then let me offer you a better alternative. Nvidia, a popular GPU manufacturer has created a low-cost single-board computer which is capable of running AI tests without needing much power and resources.

Nvidia also provides Developer Kit to get started on this mini-computer. When it comes to ports, there are two HDMI 1. All that is great but all that power and rugged features come at a serious price.What are the best apps for Raspberry Pi?

This list was created according to my needs after two days of use of the Raspberry Pi as a desktop computer. Synaptic is the Debian package manager.

The old-school default desktop environment was not for me.

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Guake is a terminal which works like any terminal But you can call it with a key, and hit hide with the same key So if you hit F12 the drop-down terminal come in the foreground, if you hit F12 again the terminal disappears but keeps running. Terminator is a multiple terminals manager that allows you to add and close terminals in a grid Guake is good for one command running behind, but Terminator is useful during active work.

For example, if you install WordPress on your Raspberry Pi or whereveryou could have a window displaying logs, one in the apache folder for the configuration and another in the www folder for wordpress configuration. You can resize any windows Simultaneous typing is also possible, as well as grid export.

Ok, but why should I install Vivaldi rather than Chromium or Firefox? I was not able to make this choice. It will depend on your needs and habits. Anyway, I think you could use the browser you want.

best apps for raspberry pi 4

If I had used the Raspberry Pi as my computer longer, I would have taken the browser on which I have all my preferences saved in the cloud bookmarks, extensions, passwords, …. I usually prefer webmail like Gmail or Outlook. If you use services not listed in the default Empathy selection, try to search the community for additional plugins Or maybe you could use another software like Pidgin.

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In the advanced settings, you could manage exciting things like default actions on transfer, concurrents transfers or speed limits. Deluge is a tool to download torrents on your Raspberry Pi Torrent is a protocol to download files.

The download will start. Deluge and Raspberry is an exciting couple. And the web interface will be great for that. Take a media file.

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QMMP does just what we need: play music, with playlist management and equalizer options It has a look close to Winamp for those who know. If you have an account, maybe you could use the online version on your Raspberry Pi But if you are looking for installed software, LibreOffice will do the job.

I Ditched My PC For Raspberry Pi 4 Model B For A Week: Review

By default, new files are saved into an OpenDocument format, with a. This app allows you to take notes of everything, create nodes and subnodes to organize them, add images or code in your notes, use all usual font formatting tools and more You can export your files to backup them or import them into another tool. Your data is easy to export, so it will never be lost. CUPS is a web interface to manage printers You could add a printer on the network or USB plugged A list of drivers is already built-in and you can add more if needed.

In fact, after losing an hour trying to build in from source, jumping from issue to issue, fixing packages versions and Raspberry Pi paths, I found another way to install it. In my case, everything works fine, but at the end, I had an apt issue about unsecured packages I fix in the next step Fix installation sudo apt-get install code-oss -y --allow-unauthenticated And it should be ok.

As I made all the prerequisites to build it from source before running this script, I hope it will also work for you Ask me in comments if you are stuck somewhere.

Average rating 4. Vote count: No votes so far!We review products independentlybut we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. Terms of use. The Raspberry Pi 4 is the most powerful Pi yet.

With all this extra potential in a board much the same size as earlier Pi models, comes a lot of heat that could lead to shutdowns, especially if you're using the Pi 4 to stream video or perform other such resource-intensive tasks. Altogether, though, the improvements are significant and make the Pi 4 a compelling maker board, a hobbyist's best friend, or even a budget desktop PC for those willing to tinker. The Raspberry Pi 4 is a tiny single-board computer, which means that all of its components, from the memory to the USB ports, fit on one PCB without add-on cards or accessories.

It measures 2. It's hardly the only inexpensive single-board computer out there, but thanks in part to the efforts of its creator the nonprofit, education-focused Raspberry Pi Foundationit's the best known. This diminutive circuit board features all the building blocks of a consumer PC, scaled down. Despite all of these familiar components, two major things are missing that set the Pi 4 apart from the legions of cheap tiny desktops you'll find on Newegg or Tiger Direct.

Raspberry Pi boards don't have any type of hard drive, and they're not designed to run Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system. Instead, you have to install your own operating system typically, the Linux-based Raspbian onto a microSD card and slip that into a slot on the Pi 4's underside for it to work.

This rather unorthodox process means that the Raspberry Pi is best suited for tinkerers and makers, who might use it as the brains of a DIY weather station or even a TV embedded in a bathroom mirror.

It's also attractive to scientists and the burgeoning artificial intelligence market, since it can be used in proof-of-concept prototypes like robots or image sensors. With quadruple the RAM and a more powerful processor, the Raspberry Pi 4 inches closer to serving as an alternative to an actual desktop PC instead of just powering programming experiments.

For people who want to use it this way, the Pi Foundation is now also offering the Raspberry Pi 4 Computer Desktop Kitwhich adds a case, an SD card preformatted with the Raspbian OS, several other cables and peripherals, and even a printed how-to book.

Best Raspberry Pi Projects: 16 great projects to try

The idea, according to the Pi Foundation, is to provide a "PC-like level of performance," without disturbing the "interfacing capabilities and hackability" on which the Raspberry Pi has built its reputation. If you're interested in using the Pi 4 in a coding project, or you're already well-versed in the world of single-board computers, you probably won't need much of what's included in the Desktop Kit.

Instead, you'll be more interested in a few of the Pi 4's significant advantages over previous generations. One major improvement is greatly increased speeds for networking and data transfer to external storage drives. This is a significant improvement, made possible by a major architecture change. More on that in a moment. In addition to offering higher memory capacities than before, the Pi 4 also adopts a newer memory technology, LPDDR4, which triples the amount of memory bandwidth compared with previous generations.

It is fabbed on a new nanometer CPU architecture. All of these improvements result in significantly better computing performance. In my testing, the Pi 4 scored an impressive milliseconds on the Sunspider 1. The Pi 4's score on the browser-based JetStream 1. In order to accommodate dual display outputs without increasing the size of the circuit board, the Pi 4 uses micro HDMI instead of the single full-size HDMI output of its predecessor.

best apps for raspberry pi 4

From a theoretical performance standpoint, it's clear that the Pi 4 itself is the best Raspberry Pi yet, at least in the 4GB configuration.

But if you plan to frequently tax the Pi 4's computing abilities, you'll need to be careful about keeping it cool. The Pi 4's internal core temperature sensor consistently recorded degrees F 72 degrees C with p video from YouTube playing.

While the Jetstream benchmark was running, it got up to degrees F 76 degrees C. If the temperature reaches 80 degrees C, a warning displays onscreen, and the main processor cores will be throttled back. If the temperature reaches 85 degrees C, the CPU cores and the graphics processor will both throttle to reduce the core temperature. In practice, such throttling could lead to a crash and shutdown, depending on what you are doing. Indeed, while I was testing the Pi 4 in its official Desktop Kit outer case, I did experience several forced shutdowns that were likely due to overheating Unless you add an active cooling solution like the fan on the PoE HAT accessory, you'll likely need to use the Pi without a case when performing intensive computing tasks.

In addition to overheating concerns, which have also plagued previous Raspberry Pi models, you'll also need to pay careful attention to the Pi 4's power source.The Raspberry Pi is not limited to Raspbian, which is the official distribution but is far from being the only one.

What is the best distribution for Raspberry Pi? There are dozens of operating systems available on Raspberry Pi, and there is not a perfect distribution. Each distribution has its strengths and weaknesses and is more suited to a specific use. Raspbian is the official distribution of Raspberry Pi Based on Debian it is built on the same philosophy, i. Many Debian packages are available on Raspberry Pi. I put it first in this ranking because it has many advantages, such as compatibility, reliability and adaptability to most beginner projects Raspbian works well on any Raspberry Pi model.

Raspbian is available on the official website To install it, you can check my step-by-step tutorial here. Ubuntu quickly became the most used Linux distribution in the world Based on Debian, this distribution runs on a shorter development cycle and therefore provides the latest news much earlier than Debian. I put this distribution in second because it is for me a work environment more attractive and more up to date than Raspbian.

But with less stability and a smaller community on Raspberry Pi It remains a perfect distribution to start.


Retropie is a well-known distribution, which allows you to turn your Raspberry Pi into a retro-gaming console Built on Raspbian, it gives you the possibility to play old games from classic PC to N64 games. For a better experience, you can even add a controller like on SNES and enjoy a game as if you were back to childhood! Pre-made images for the Raspberry Pi are available here During writing Retropie was not yet available for Raspberry Pi 4but it will probably happen soon I also have a few posts about Retropie that you can check to learn more:.

Manjaro is available on Raspberry Pi 4and I highly recommend using it to enjoy this system in graphic mode You can download the system images here And I have a step-by-step tutorial available here for this system. A Retro-gaming system on Raspberry Pi Like Retropie you have many emulators available on it and can install your games easily.

If you want to discover this retro-gaming system, you can read my tutorial here on how to install and use Lakka Downloads links are on the official website here. Do you know Mr. Kali Linux is the best penetration testing distribution with many security tools for all kind of purposes :.

Behind Kali Linux, we find Offensive Security, a major security trainer and pen-testing provider They have funded and maintained this distribution, formerly known as Backtrackto become a reference in the security market. If you want to go deeper, you can read my post about 15 steps to start with Kali Linux on Raspberry Pi. The download image is available here You have to scroll to the Raspberry Pi Foundation part Raspberry Pi 4 is fully supported now. As you can see on the picture, Kano OS is a distribution dedicated for kids Kano is a manufacturer selling computer kits for school or kids, to teach them how a computer works But they also provide a free open-source operating system to install on a Raspberry Pi.

The Kano website provides many resources to help you start with this distribution If you want to make a try, you can download OS and books from this page. If you are interested in the proposed kits, you will find them on Amazon click here to check the computer Kit for example. Gentoo is not a beginner in the Linux world. For this distribution, I prefer to redirect you to the Gentoo wiki page for Raspberry Pi to get the full installation procedure, including downloads.As such, you should make sure that you have the best apps installed on it.

If you like the sound of them, just follow the instructions in each section to install the apps on your Raspberry Pi! So avoid having too many tabs open! This protects your browsing from resource-intensive pop-ups and ads. Pixel changes that. Read More. But only the more recent versions. Wait while your Pi upgrades, and when everything is done and you have restarted the computer, you should see a working copy of Chromium in the menu.

Unlike the native tool, Synaptic has software grouped into more specific categories, helping you to find the tools you need. Windows users are being guided to an app store. Linux, meanwhile, has had an app store-style experience for years. But which one is right for you? Read More can also ensure that the apps installed on your Pi are the most up-to-date versions. All you need to do is click Reload and then Apply to run the updates.

16 Cool Projects for Your New Raspberry Pi 4

Back in when the Raspberry Pi was first released, the idea of playing back anything but p video was laughable. Almost - but not quite. Here's what you'll need to do first. Read Morethings are different.

In short, VLC Player will play any media format, and is capable of additional features, such as desktop video capture, downloading YouTube videos, and file conversion. The cross-platform tool has a bag full of secret features you can use right now.

Read More will run on the Raspberry Pi. As long as you have your media stored on another computer or network storage, VLC Player can be used to browse and stream content across your local network! Its main use is to let you access data on USB drives stored on other hardware.

The benefits of SSH go beyond upsetting the daily screening The Raspberry Pi is short of games. Hardly surprising for a device launched to help children and adults become better at programming.

Although many homebrew games have been created, mainstream titles are few and far between, beyond Minecraft Pi. Fortunately, the Raspberry Pi can handle emulation. Once installed, head to your Home directory and create a new folder, dosgames.

This is where you should save the extracted contents of downloaded games to, ready to use them. Here's everything you need to know to get started with DOSBox, including the best games to emulate! Read More for help on configuring the application and finding and installing games. Meanwhile, our detailed guide to Arduino Getting Started With Arduino: A Beginner's Guide Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to use hardware and software.But really, why are these projects suited for the Pi 4?

It all comes down to specs. Just make sure you get the right charger for it. Old models of the Raspberry Pi are relatively powerful, but not powerful enough to build a reliable computer. Of course, a Pi PC is no match for an average desktop computer. It's got everything you need to get started. At a basic level, the Raspberry Pi 4 is a cheap, tiny computer. While this limits its ability to function as a modern desktop PC, it makes the Pi a great candidate for just about any home network project.

Rather than relying on bulky old computers to run BitTorrent and development servers, you can defer all that work to your credit-card sized Pi 4.

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Hmm, computers and home servers. It seems like everyone has a Pi connected to their TV these days, and for a good reason. The Raspberry Pi is arguably better and cheaper than most streaming sticks and game consoles, and software like RetroPie and Kodi are easy to set up. So, without further ado, here are some great gaming and streaming Pi projects:.

Most of these projects are easy to expand. Want to build an arcade machine? Do it with the RetroPie software! Want to turn your bedroom TV into a streaming machine? Attach a Pi to it! The solution? Build your own smarthome devices!

best apps for raspberry pi 4

Here are a few ideas to get you started:. Just keep in mind most of these smarthome projects require some extra purchases, like Arduino boards, digital cameras, or touch screen displays. You can also easily expand them in unique ways.

These platforms are regularly updated with neat projects and Pi software sure to pique your interest. Comments 0. The above article may contain affiliate links, which help support Review Geek.

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Deals Buying Guides Reviews. The Best Newsletter Anywhere Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, articles, and more.Trusted Reviews may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through links on our site. Learn More. From beginner builds to more advanced Pi uses, all the delicious ideas you need are right here to get making.

The Raspberry Pi 4 is the newest model in the Raspberry Pi series. Capable of performance speeds of around three times that of the Raspberry Pi 3 and storage of up to 4GB, the Pi 4 is the most advanced release so far. From fun starter projects to intermediate builds you can work up to, here are 15 of our absolute favourite Raspberry Pi 4, Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry Pi Zero projects.

Related: Raspberry Pi Zero W review. The Pi Zero has fewer connectivity options than the Pi 3, but there are plenty of accessories to make up for this, and the newer Zero W board adds Wi-Fi to the fray. The result is cheaper projects in even smaller packages — and these are some of the absolute best. The offerings from an in-flight entertainment systems can be the difference between a pleasurable journey and a slog.

One Raspberry Pi baker decided he was no longer prepared to take the risk and took matters into his own hands by building his own in-flight entertainment system. Why not just use an iPad or laptop, like everyone else, you ask?

Check out the video below:. It also hands free messaging and the ability to sync with Google Maps and Spotify via the mobile app enabling you to control navigation and music while keeping your eyes on the road.

Check out the full Dride starter guide here. The project is the brainchild of the Raspberry Pi Guythe man behind the popular series of YouTube tutorial videos, and features just lines of code — freely available on GitHub. It uses a Pi Camera module and a custom build complete with shutter and a battery pack.

Related: Best cameras.

best apps for raspberry pi 4

Well now, thanks to the Raspberry Pi Zero — plus a touchscreen, a few magnets, some LEDs and some software wizardry — you can play against a computer on a real wooden board. It uses an open-source chess engine called Stockfish, which allows players to choose the difficulty level — novice to grandmaster — and set the personality of the opponent, as well as register all of the moves.

Each piece has a magnet connected to the bottom, which tracks it from the beginning of the game. The computer responds by lighting an LED under the piece it wishes to move, as well as the square to which it wishes to move it to.

Streaming boxes loaded with Kodi are flooding the market, but you can build your own with the Pi Zero and save money. Android Central has a good guide to the whole process. Luckily, you can build yourself something even better using a Pi Zero and the excellent RetroPie software.

The solution is so dinky that you can place it inside an original NES cartridge for additional retro chic. Check out the guide in the video above for step-by-step instructions. You can even sit the entire console inside an original Xbox controller — or just use the official case.

Related: How to build a Raspberry Pi retro gaming centre. One of our favourite things about the Raspberry Pi is its ability to bridge generations and give new life to older tech. This is illustrated perfectly by this low cost film transfer system that can convert old reels into digital footage. Maker Joe Herman found some reels dating back to the and was able to save thousands by building his own rig.

Images are processed and stitched back together with FFmpeg. However, there was still much more work to do. As a solution, he deployed software called Open CV.


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